specialty of the house since 1988


Not every company has designed control systems applied to industrial equipment.

Electronic control solutions since 1988.

Control electronics has been the specialty of the house with which GRUPO SCR formally began operations in 1988. We are proud to say that the group's founders designed control systems speed control, manufactured printed cards for the various control systems that existed at that time. Over time this experience joined the global technological revolution and allowed an excellent setting to train profoundly new generations who joined the group. Not every company has designed control systems applied to industrial equipment.

Ability to perform large-scale projects.


With a full spectrum of port equipment competencies, we cover all engineering disciplines, from structural and mechanical systems to electronic and drive control systems of the port equipment.

Our technical staff for the development of automation is comprised of Mechatronic Engineers, Electronics and Mechanics complement the development of these projects, companies like SIEMENS, GE FANUC, ABB, EMERSON finally support, train and consolidate the opportunity to provide such services.

It is important to note that in 2016 with the support of the global enterprise Portek International Pte Ltd our firm takes more strength in the field of automation and thereby reaffirm the ability to perform large-scale projects.


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