Grupo SCR is a group of companies with a solid experience in the field of maintenance and engineering development focused on port industry. The main strength is the experience of our engineers and technicians supported by the use of latest technology and  infrastructure, complemented by a suppliers, laboratories and workshops network, which result in the highest quality services.

Honesty, service passion, humility and loyalty to our customers are our main key to stand firm in a competitive and demanding market. Since 1988 Grupo SCR has developed more than 1300 projects in the areas of electronics, electrical, mechanical, structural, special handling and outsourcing operations.


Being a company committed to the highest quality in every service awarded, positively impacting on the productivity of our customers and their equipment.


Being a global company that gives general maintenance and development of engineering industry, supported on continuous innovation of our processes and our services.


To develop a strict planning in every project assigned by our clients to achieve the highest quality of service, using clean energy and respecting the environment and global regulations on industrial safety.


Some our major projects.

•Design and Manufacture of speed controllers for different teams of the aluminum and paper paper industry, Year 1988.
•Design and Manufacture of control for equipment for speed regulation for dynamic systems in the Tire Industry, Year 1988.
•Retrofit to Mca STS crane. Takraf, 1990. Change in Engine Electronic Control and upgrade. ABB technology.
•RTG Crane modernization Marathon Le Torneau Year 1998. Changing Electronic Control Electronics. ABB technology.
•Downloads to dock STS cranes, RTG and HMC in the various ports of Mexico. 1992- Present.
•Electrical and mechanical maintenance, operations and assemblies to cement companies in Mexico, Year 2004-2010.
•Certified Offshore Structural repairs for various clients. 2006-Present.
•Design, Engineering and Implementation of Control System Backup to DP-2 Tanker Class Endorsed by Rina system. Year 2007.
•Design, Engineering and Implementation Monitoring Two machines Wartsila Main Propulsion Tanker Class endorsed by Rina. GE Fanuc technology. Year 2008.
•Development of maneuvers and assemblies for the relocation of RTG and MHC with Portek International in Mexico. 2008-Present.
•Representatives and Exclusive Service Agents for the company RAM Spreaders. Year 2010.
•Consulting Services Administration and maintenance certificate application by RCM methodology to various customers in Mexico and Panama. 2010-Present.
•Sales Representatives and Agents After Sales Service for Intermodal Solutions Group ISG, 2012.
•Cleaning Application Structural Grade SA-2 (SP-6) and Marine Industrial Coating application mca. STS International Crane Krupp, 2013.
•Design, Engineering and Modernization Platform 220 Tons mca SCHEUERLE. Siemens technology. Year 2013.
•Strategic cooperation Grupo SCR & Portek Systems and Equipments Ltd for the control of the American market.-2016
•Electrical maintenance, Mechanical and Structural STS, RTG, RS, EH, HMC, in the different ports of Mexico, Year 1990 computer - News.



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